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Facebook group of coworkers (1)

A Facebook group of coworkers (1) (Undirected)


Facebook is a website and social networking service that was launched in February 2004. As of December 2011, Facebook has more than 845 million registered users. Facebookusers may create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and interact with other members. Friendship ties in Facebook are reciprocal, therefore, we refer to the underlying group's social network as undirected. We have extracted a community of co-workers who according to their Facebook profile, worked for the same well-known high-tech company. The graph representing the co-workers' community network contains 165 vertices and 726 links and was obtained using a web crawler in the beginning of February 2012.

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Fire, Michael, Rami Puzis, and Yuval Elovici. "Link prediction in highly fractional data sets." Handbook of Computational Approaches to Counterterrorism. Springer New York, 2013. 283-300.


title={Link Prediction in Highly Fractional Data Sets},
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Number of Social Networks : 2
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